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Some Tibetans believe our present world of war, disease, corrupt inequality and environmental desecration , is the self-destructive age of Kali, to be followed by a new age of peace, ethnic harmony, environmental balance and human dignity, yet to come. This future is Shabhala, sometimes called Shangri-la.

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Heavenly kindom, rich in resources and cultural inheritage; a great taste of Tibetan flavour featuring marvelous scenery and friendly locals


A most dramatic destination wit a mild climate all year around; home to a third of China's ethnic minorities and half of all of China's plants and animal species

Shaan Xi

Near Xining , the capaital of Shaanxi is the Budhist monastre Ta Ér where the Buddha started the Budhism. The province also offers the impressive mausoleam of Emperor Qin Shi Huang's (246 BC), called the Terracotta warriors.

Qinghai & Gansu

The region is packed with history, archeaological remains, ethnic varieties, superb landscapes and vibrant culture. It is where earth meets heaven.

Tibet (travel plan in teh future)

When everything here is out of your imagination, you should come to the Rooftop of the World to experience the mystereous land in a way no other place is.

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No matter where you are, with an open heart, you will always find your own Shangri-la. The pictures we take worldwide will let you know that this is absolutely true.


In the West part of China and Tibet , across the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, Shangri-la, an elegant and spectacular natural beauty with extraordinary splendour, inlays in the lofty mountains. The Shangri-la areas with a varied topography lie in the transition belt from the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau to the Sichuan Basin and Yunnan icy Tibetan high-lands. In Shangri-la, there are numberless high mountains and deep valleys with dense forests and abundant rainfall. Breath-taking snow-capped mountains, marsh grasslands, primeval forests, crystal clear lakes and waterfalls scattered like shining stars in the sky among the mountains and gorges. Travelers inevitably find themselves strolling in the enchanting fairyland. It is believed in that area; people live a peaceful life and share the environment humorously with animals and plants.

The most prominent feature of Shangri-la is its outstanding landscape, spectacular topography, which shows a magical creation excelling the nature. Roaming about them, you are infatuated and intoxicated with the beautiful scenes. It is truly an area full of interest and charm, whose beauty is beyond all description, and where one will be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts. Only when you are personally on the scenes will you believe that you cannot praise it as the wonder of the world and a fairyland on earth too much.



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